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3 Powerful Branding Inspirations for Your Business


When you hear the word “Branding”, what comes into your mind? Most people will think of Coca Cola, Apple, Airbnb, etc. If you are one of those people who answered with a company name, then that company is doing a great job in branding itself. The company that popped in your head may be the best branding strategy for you.


If you are part of a marketing team, an entrepreneur, or a freelance marketing specialist looking for branding guidelines, then you are in the right place.

Effective Branding Inspirations from the Top Brands

Brand Marketing is not an easy task. You need to study the company’s mission and vision, target audience, competitor’s branding game, and the latest branding guidelines that will fit your institution. Moreover, if you are required to do a rebranding,  you should go over the history of branding efforts done by the previous team, and see the improvements you need to apply. Where exactly should you start after looking at all the information you gathered?

Here are 3 of the most powerful branding inspirations you can use to start creating your brand identity:

1. Logo – The Visual Brand Identifier

The first thing you should work on in brand marketing is your company logo. It is a unique identifier for your brand that leaves a footprint on the mind of your audience. In today’s world, where every person is exposed to thousands of brands every single day, standing out from the crowd is very crucial.

Your logo should be able to capture the attention of a person scrolling on their social media feeds in a positive way. Some of the brands that left a foot print on your mind are:


Apple’s logo can be easily identified by all ages globally. The best thing about the Apple logo is that it is the company name itself. When you see an apple in the market with a single bite similar to Apple’s logo, your brain will think of the Apple Company itself and its products. That single scenario in your head speaks a lot when it comes to their branding in marketing. It is a must for every creative, to put Apple as a part of their branding inspiration list to be able to keep up with the latest trends in the logo design.


Google is the best example of branding ideas. Their color combination makes the brand stand out in the crowd without overdoing it. Whenever there are special occasions in different parts of the world, their creative team will tweak the Google logo on their homepage without risking the brand’s identity. It allows the company to connect with every single viewer in the whole world and improve their engagement status.


Nike Swoosh logo is so simple and effective that when you place it anywhere, people will recognize the brand and its products. It conveys motion and speed which is the core aspect of this athletic brand. The logo was created in the year 1971 and still in use up to this date. However, minimal changes were made to keep up with the technology trend.

2. Brand Style – Your Brand, Your Rules

‘Brand style” is documentation that gives you the power to inform people on how they can put your logo on their pages without compromising your brand identity. It allows you to outsource your marketing team and deliver your brand accordingly to your look and feel.  The things that you should include in your brand style are:

Brand Story

This covers the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of your company.

Logo Guidelines

This will tell how you want your logo to be placed and what is acceptable and not. Things important for your branding guidelines such as clear space rules, color variations for dark and light backgrounds, logo sizes, and the don’ts of your logo placements.

Color Palette

This tells which colors are allowed for your brand identity.


This indicates which font face style, sizes, and weights you allow for your brand.

Brand Voice

This makes sure that outside write-ups are written on the same voice as yours.

Imagery Guidelines

These are the one responsible for the style, concept, and composition of your brand when it needs to be placed on an illustration or photo.

3. Brand Identity – Make it Personal

The best way to connect with your target audience is by giving them a glimpse of your personality. By giving out your character, you are enabling them to have a personal connection with your brand. It acts as an open door for your visitors who are excited to explore every corner of your mansion. Two of the best brand strategy for this is:

Hattie Stewart of

When you visit this website you will see the creativity of this person who is known for flower defacements for famous celebrities.

Craig Oldham of

This website showcases the comic humor of Craig. You will hear different audio files by clicking on the buttons on the home page.


What do you think is the first thing people think about when they hear your company? What makes you stand apart from your competitors? Brand logo, style, and identity are not only the three most powerful but also the most fundamental branding strategies a company must poses. These strategies help create the brand you envision whether it is an established company or a start-up business. These strategies, if used and marketed right, would be able to make an impact on your consumers Lastly, always keep in mind that these strategies give your brand its value.

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