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5 Ways To Start Your Day Right

With the buzz of the city at your ears till the late hours of the night, it’s more challenging to try to start their day right with stress just lurking behind every corner. People have forgotten the importance of how impactful a decent morning can contribute to a full-day of work. Here are some healthy habits for you to adapt to keep your morning routine active and productive for your physical and mental well-being.


There are multiple benefits to starting your day early. Not only will you feel at ease by making sure that you won’t be cramming in all the things that you have to do for the rest of the day, but you’ll also be able to take your time in doing your morning routine.  From washing up, to cooking a healthy breakfast, and catching a ride to work before rush hour.


 Starting the day early in the morning means that you also need to sleep in early, this prevents you from staying up for late nights and feeling too drained to sleep. If you find it difficult to rest easy, you might want to leave a notice to your co-workers of up until what time you’ll be available for contact with regards to business matters. Make it a habit to have sufficient hours of sleep, up to eight if you can, especially on rest days and holidays.


Though this might seem a bit childish to ask of you, it’s no lie that there are individuals out there who still find it challenging to discipline themselves with regards to cleanliness. One of the many benefits of getting up early in the morning is that you’ll now have the time to do the little things that contribute to a more wholesome and positive lifestyle, which includes doing your basic chores.


Having a clean and organized environment contributes to how you see your safe space. If you’re usually disorganized, then you’re more likely to make less effort in cleaning up after yourself. It’s much easier to litter on a dirty road than to scatter on a clean one, and the same principle applies with regards to your room. Taking the time to promote cleanliness in your safe spaces and even to your work spaces can increase your motivation to do good work. Have the self-discipline to clean up after yourself, and you’ll be able to see an improvement with regards to your outlook on work and rest.

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People who fail to have a good meal in the morning become cranky or unenergized. It leads to poor performance at work and interacting with co-workers. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, with most people taking it for granted by either skipping it entirely or supplementing it with a cup of coffee or a sip of tea. Though coffee does jumpstart your morning, it cannot keep you working for over nine hours a day. Tea, on the other hand, is a healthy alternative, but it doesn’t beat a full breakfast complete with energy from carbohydrates such as pasta and wheat bread, protein for white and red meats, with a dash of greens on the side.


 Make it your priority to start your morning with a substantial breakfast to ensure that you’re keeping your body running with the right fuel. You may opt to skip lunch in favor of small snacks until dinner if you’re on a diet, but your first and last meal of the day should always be substantial enough for you to go through the day and feel replenished by the end of it.

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What people who do the usual routine of a nine to five tend to forget is the need for physical activities. You can say that you’re almost in luck if you’re in a position that allows you to move from place to place, from going to regular meetings to doing oculars on venues and sites. But if you’re mostly sitting on your desk doing the daily paperwork, then you’re more likely prone to having your muscles and bones regress. 


Working out in the morning keeps your blood pumping for the rest of the day and gives you the much-needed boost of adrenaline to keep your mind focused and motivated to do work right after a refreshing physical routine. You don’t always have to have the latest gym equipment and grandest gym subscription to keep your body healthy. You can opt to go old-school and start your day with a lap around the park or doing physical exercises such as yoga or tai-chi.


There’s a saying that wealthy people can afford to be helpful and that anyone who has enough success can afford to be more useful. But if you want to attract the former, you can also start with the latter.  Positivity might feel like a self-help suggestion on how to start your day right, but motivation and outlook are one of the factors that make the difference between bosses and employees. 


Starting the day right with a positive outlook of things to come within the day will not just empower you to welcome positivity but to also reach for it. It’s the type of attitude that won’t just have an impact on you, but also on your clients, co-workers, and bosses as well.


Though I can give you suggestions with regards to best practices to build your morning, it’s always a unique experience for every person. Try to mix things up and figure out which routines work best for you, or better yet, develop your regimen to start the day.

Every person has their routine, whether it be opting to go for a short jog around the block or staying at home to do yoga. Find your groove by developing a morning routine that fits you that promotes healthy living by developing your morning motivation, and you’ll see the wonders of a great start to a day can bring you.

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