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Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Creating the content for your web pages, websites, social media posts, and newsletters is not easy. There are several factors to take into consideration before you can click that publish button. Content marketing is important to get the attention of your target audience as well as the web spiders to index your posts and recommend it to the researchers out there. 

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The Content Marketing Guide for Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to content creation or an expert. This list of guidelines will help you know better about what’s right and not.

Do’s of Content Creation

Make Your Content Keyword Focused

When you write your content make sure that you have a focused keyword. Keywords helps your content’s visibility online by people who search on search engines. It allows you to have more visitors on your page and have better ranking in the search engine results page. Writing with specific keywords will make it easier for you to have a wider reach of an audience that could turn into your customers.

Create an Evergreen Content

Have you ever heard of evergreen content? It is a term used by many content writers and digital marketers. ‘Evergreen Content’ means it is always relevant- It can last up to 10 years or so and won’t be outdated. This type of content can be updated once in a while for minor changes. Many companies write evergreen content that is relevant to their services or products and their audience interests.

Tap the Emotions of Your Audience

Your audience interest and behavior can be checked with your analytics. If you don’t have one yet linked with your website, then you should work on that right now. It is very helpful when it comes to coming up with the content you should publish on your website. You will be able to tell the emotional behavior of your audience by their actions, age, and gender. Tapping the emotions will give you a better number of shares and wider audiences reach.

Provide a Solution 

Every person has their own pain in their daily lives, and every business is a solution to a certain problem. When you create your content make sure that you are able to cite all the solutions you can offer to their problem. If they are not aware of this problem, it is advisable that you enumerate this problem to give your readers a hint of what they could possibly be looking over at. 

Update Your Existing Content When Needed

In connection with evergreen content, it is needed for you to update some of your content when it is needed. For example, the Google algorithm updates regularly and if you wrote an article about this, you should check which part of that article is already outdated and update it accordingly. It is better to update existing content and republish it to prevent existing back-links from being dead. 

Don’ts of Content Creation

No to Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a deadly sin for writers and content publishers. It is stealing from others and displays the competence of a business. You may do research and make use of other contents as references, but you can’t copy the exact article or post of anyone. The algorithm of some search engines can determine if the content is plagiarized or not. This will give you negative points from that search engine and might affect your ranking in the search engine results page.

Keyword Stuffing is a Mortal Sin

In the early SEO (Search Engine Optimization) days, placing keywords on your content to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page) are okay, but not anymore. Including irrelevant keywords in your content will affect your rankings negatively. Search engines have the ability to see if you’re keywords are placed inappropriately. That is why it is better to have one focused keyword and include relevant keyword tails in the body of the content.

Have More than One Call-to-Action

CTA or call-to-action refers to the point where you tell your readers what to do. It is advisable to have only one CTA for every post to prevent any miscommunication between you and your readers. You must choose the most appropriate and effective call-to-action for your content that will trigger the reader to click on it or do as they are told. Always make sure to imply urgency in your CTAs so that your reader won’t miss it.

Hard-selling of Products or Services

Everyone doesn’t like to be persuaded by selling materials. You probably don’t like YouTube ads or ads from your apps. The annoyances you feel during those times are just the same with contents with hard-selling motives. You can easily determine if an article is offering you too much of their services and telling you to buy it right now. That is why it is important to have only one CTA which will allow you to offer your products and services. 

Writing Without Target Audience

Writing without a target audience in mind is like selling meat products to vegan people. You should be well aware of whom you are writing for. You can check it with your analytics and see which contents will fit their taste. Listening to your audience will help your business grow bigger. If you cater to their needs then you will have these audiences coming back. A loyal audience is hard to build but you can do it easily if you know your target consumers very well.