Digital Marketing Series 101: Skill with the Quill

Reaching out to your market is a given in any business as this creates great awareness! However, mere understanding is not enough- the real challenge here lies on how these efforts can be converted into actual sales.

This is where content marketing comes in handy, and luckily, Skill with the Quill is solely dedicated to those who need a refresh on how this works. 

On September 19, 2020, join Lyn as she tackles Content Marketing and learn why it matters for your business. This session will help you grasp the essentials of creating quality content, from translating your ideas into marketing strategies to analyzing different analytics to help you improve your brand!

Lyn Ola and‘s Digital Marketing 101 Series brings you the three digital marketing essentials:

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO.

Register now on and save up to 400 PHP for the whole series!

Tickets include:
Digital Marketing Plan Template
Content Marketing Plan Template
SEO Plan Template


Sep 19 2020


9:00 am

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