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Whether you’re trying to up your game in the corporate world, or looking for reliable mentorship, we got your back! Each week, our business expert with years of marketing and IT experience will help you discover opportunities that you’ve never encountered before. The search ends here at HOLA.

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9 min 29 sec

Join me as we explore the essential strategies, insights, and best practices to foster a harmonious and productive work environment, whether your team is online or offline.

Tags: #digitalwithlynola
9 min 38 sec

Today, we explore the concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC) and how it can help businesses create a consistent and powerful message across multiple channels.

Tags: #digitalmarketingtrainer, #digitalwithlyn
11 min 46 sec

In this episode, we dive into the world of green marketing and explore how companies are using green products to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Tags: #businessmanagement, #digitalmarketingtrainer
14 min 38 sec

Artificial Intelligence has been steadily growing in development. Today, we discuss its impact in digital marketing. 

Tags: #digitalmarketing, #digitalwithlyn
17 min 24 sec

This episode, we explore unethical marketing practices used and discuss our hot takes on them.

Tags: #digitalmarketingtrainer
13 min 26 sec

Social Media marketing is the newest and noisiest digital marketing 

Tags: #digitalmarketing, #digitalwithlynola
10 min 58 sec

Learn 5 ways to strengthen your brand identity amidst the competitive industry. 

Tags: #digitalmarketing
12 min 7 sec

Do you think people see the magic in your brand just as how you see it?

Many people are confused about the difference between Brand Image and Brand Identity. So today, we’ll differentiate the two.

Tags: #digitalwithlynola
15 min and 14 sec

In this episode of The HOLA Podcast: Beyond business, our expert discusses in detail how to deliver the perfect pitch. 

Tags: #digitalwithlynola
Lyn Ola Podcast Thumbnail Diving into the Digital Pt.2
15 min 6 sec

For the season finale, we’ll be tackling the very thing that works alongside website development to elevate your business: digital marketing strategies.

Tags: #digitalmarketing
Lyn Ola Podcast Thumbnail Diving into the Digital Pt.1
19 min 42 sec

Learn the DOs and DONTs of website development, how to drive traffic to your website, and how to maintain it.

Tags: #IT, #websitedevelopement
Lyn Ola Podcast Thumbnail Pen it Professionally
10 min 14 sec

Professionals underestimate the power of words. Simple mistakes may cause miscommunication. Let's go back to the basics.

Tags: #businesstips

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