Software Systems You Should Have To Optimize Your Business #LynRecommends

Software Systems You Should Have To Optimize Your Business #LynRecommends

Software Systems You Should Have To Optimize Your Business #LynRecommends 640 427 Lyn Ola

No competitive workplace today can operate without the aid of social media platforms. One can even say that social media platforms have allowed multiple industries to flourish, such as content creation and e-commerce. Applications have been developed to cater to the growing need for improving company numbers with the development of new industries that online interaction brings.


Modern Needs, Modern Advantages 

Modern business operation requires you to understand that the development of these workplace applications is becoming more of an ‘upgrade’ for your workplace  dynamic. If you want your company to stay competitive in your industry, you need to use what your competitors are using to keep up.

The use of workplace applications makes your business plans more efficient by limiting human error through smoother transitions and delivery of information. 

Working apart

The new batch of workers has grown skeptical of the traditional nine to five format of having a full-time job. Most of them are reluctant to adjust to a strict work schedule as the new generation favors the flexibility of  their own time. Because of this, a lot of industries are becoming more open to project-based positions that offer flexible work hours. 

Gone are the days when specializing in one profession is the only track to success. A lot of individuals are capitalizing on having multiple skill sets they can monetize and apply in paying jobs. Job hunters today take a particular liking to job offers that allow for versatile work hours so that they may use for work in multiple industries at the same time. Outsourced employees make most of their employer-employee interaction through workplace applications to receive and deliver their assignments. 

Working In Groups While In Separated Offices

Just because you no longer have your full team working with you on-site doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get your work done. Because of the preferences of newer employees, you too must also adapt to maintain normal operations without sacrificing the quality of your service. That’s precisely where workplace applications come in. Having the right tools to promote your employees’ freedom can help you adjust to this ‘flexi-time’ generation. Here are four essential tools that you’ll need to keep your workplace up to speed with current standards.

  • A Digital Work Space App

More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of how social media runs our lives; particularly when it comes to being productive. Apps have been explicitly made to limit the use of  social media applications. Because of this, digital work spaces such as Slack and Asana have become a popular alternative for business owners to use as a medium to communicate and set tasks.  It is a step up from the usual e-mail correspondence format. Digital work spaces allow you to keep track of your employees, set-up meetings, and send or accept tasks. 

  • A Shared Online Drive 

Every workplace needs to have a digital drive to access their files. Data nowadays is one of the most lucrative resource presents. Online drives such as Google Drive and Dropbox have made it a priority to reinforce their file-sharing services for business use. Security measures have made it either accessible only to fellow contributors or to the public. An online drive can even be connected to your digital work space so that only members of the space can have access to it. An online drive allows you and your employees to make quick changes on pertinent documents and to have a catalog of all your transactions and assignments without depending on physical copies.


  • An Analytics Tracker 

Every business needs to know how well they’re doing, and all of it comes down to crunching the numbers. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have made it easier to track the numbers that come into your pages. Conveniently enough, these social media platforms offer insights that track your profile/page’s progress, neatly segregated into shares, likes, comments, and follows. However, just reading up on your analytics isn’t enough to make sure that you’re properly communicating with your potential clients. That’s where a social listening tool comes in.


  • A Social Listening Tool 

Last but not least, a social listening tool allows you to play ‘Big Brother’ on your company’s movement through the online space. Social listening tools can be programmed to keep track of not just mentions of your company name, but also your social media campaign hashtags and even mentions of your employees and staff. Not only will you be able to keep track of engagement with your current followers, but throughout the net as well.; this is incredibly helpful, especially if you want to tap into demographics that mention you but aren’t on your subscriber list. Using a social listening tool allows you to keep track of both positive and negative engagement. It will enable you to be on top of the situation to either affirm the feedback or alleviate the situation if it’s a severe issue.

Communication is Key

No matter how many platforms you have to connect with your employees, you should always understand that these mediums enable a fast and efficient method of communication. However, it’s still up to your employees’ discipline and conduct to report as soon as possible with regards to business affairs. These advanced modes of communication won’t do much if the flow of communication doesn’t match up with the chain of command. Always ensure that you give ample time for your employees to respond to your important messages, within 48 hours for assignments and at most 4 hours for urgent concerns.

Having a balance of using these platforms to your advantage and keeping a steady eye on training your staff to respond and manage assignments and potential issues is an excellent way to maintain a healthy work ethic in the workplace.

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