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Business Analysis

The Business Analysis Course reveals how one can identify the needs, challenges, and points of improvement that can be made in an organization. After this course, the attendees will have fresh new eyes that can determine problems and solutions from a better perspective.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning Training Course equips one with the skills to be able to achieve organizational goals. This course will tackle a wide variety of strategic functions such as creating effective strategic plans and implementing the required changes.

Business Etiquettes

Business Etiquettes Course illustrates the proper way to build relationships with other people in a professional setting. In this course, attendees will discover the do’s and don’ts in business communication as well as explanation behind these practices.

Project Management

Project Management is now an essential skill to have in the workplace. With the Project Management Course, expect to learn not just the basics but also the soft skills needed to achieve success from planning to execution.

Business Writing

Business Writing Course discusses the types, elements, and skills to master the appropriate way to convey business information. By the end of this course, one will be able to effectively communicate through professional writing.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

CRM Course explains how this software system can help boost an organization’s Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments. In this course, attendees will learn the features of a CRM Program that maintains a good relationships between business and customer.

Software Development Life Cycle

Requirement Gathering


Learn how business analysts effectively plan and gather requirements through the different tools and techniques in this Requirement Gathering Training Course.

I.T. Testing


I.T. Testing Course addresses the concern of individuals who are not well-verse when it comes to technology and software. This course will be giving the basic knowledge needed to understand technical terms in software functionality.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization seminars discuss how a business’ website can rank higher in search engines. This organic way of bringing traffic to your website can increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Training Course aims to boost social media marketing skills by tackling the best industry practices, strategies, and the newest ways to maximize social media.

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing seminar helps businesses advance through various tips and tricks. Attendees of this course will learn how to leverage good content using strategies such as keyword optimization and post-tracking metrics to increase the customer base and achieve good results.

Social Listening and Reputation Management

The Social Listening and Reputation Management Course teaches how to handle conversations and provide client recommendations. Through this course, attendees will know the proper responses to social media mentions, how to conduct social listening audits for brands, and how to create reports on trends.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing seminar is a short crash course that goes through the different types and current trends in digital marketing. After this course, audiences shall be equipped with online strategies usable against competitors.

Anger Management Training Course

Anger Management Training Course teaches ways to understand the triggers to overcome one’s anger and frustration. This course aims to channel one’s anger into different positive energies and improve communication skills.

Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training aims to develop the communications skills needed to for successful persuading or getting the upper-hand in a bargain. Throughout this course, topics such as rapport building, assertiveness and having good interpersonal skills will be thoroughly discussed.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Course goes into detail regarding the analysis of an issue prior to making a judgement. This course teaches its attendees the importance of having a clear vision of the goal and how to foresee the impact of each alternative towards the organization

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making Course provides the knowledge, skills and techniques to make sound decisions in any type of scenario. This course will discuss each step needed to resolve a problem and how to handle possible outcomes.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Course expounds on ways how to settle disputes between two or more parties. As an essential to all organizations, this course is created to foster peaceful solutions by focusing on methods in mastering the art of resolving disagreements

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving Course is designed to challenge one’s way of thinking and find a different perspective in overcoming difficulties. This course aims to promulgate thinking outside the box by turning unconventional ideas into business solutions.

Stress Management

Stress Management Training Course aims to lower stress, anxiety, pressure, and negativity. This course will teach positive strategies to cope with stress, to be able to increase productivity for you and your organization.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life Balance Training Course introduces the importance of work-life balance through effective time management. At the end of this course, attendees are expected to strike a better balance between work and other aspects of life.