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Why You Should Have A Company Blog


A company blog is one of the things that most businesses are missing, and it’s hurting their chances of reaching more people. Blogging for business is a must for every company. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, a corporation, or a startup dreaming of becoming a big company one day. If you’re not prioritizing blogging, then you are restraining your company from reaching its full potential.



5 Reasons How Company Blog Helps Your Business


Blogging for business can take your company to greater heights. Sure, there are plenty of social media platforms that you can use to reach your target audience to market your brand for free. However, there are more reasons why it is beneficial to have a company blog than just to market the business.


Below are 5 great reasons why you should have a company blog!


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Reach more people with your blog than social media


Have you heard about the percentage drop when it comes to reaching your audience? Many Facebook page administrators have noticed this drastic change in the social media algorithm. This is due to their recent marketing feature, Facebook Ads. This change happened so that business pages would make use of the FB Ads and start reaching more audience.


In 2018, 2% audience reach was close to zero. Social media influencers have experienced a sudden drop in their impressions and interaction rates.  This unpredictable changes in the social media algorithm will hurt not just your analytics, but also your revenue. By having your own company blog page, you will be in control and monitor the progress and activity of your post.


You can make use of your social media accounts to share your blog posts and reach more audience. You can also tap other people who you think might be interested with your blogs to read and share your blog. You will gain more brand awareness and web traffic by doing this.



Build your email list and subscriptions


When you ask for newsletter subscriptions on your company website, you are building your email list. But what email content would you send this list? Yes, you figured it out right. Other than promotions, you can use your blog posts to send out to your subscribers. This will give them more idea about who you are as a company, what you do or offer, and how you can be of help to them.


Your blog should focus on the interests of your audience that is connected with the services you offer. You can check out your analytics to see your audience characteristics to come up with the best topics for your followers. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to gain more clients who will not just read up on your content but will come back and purchase the products or services you have to offer.


Pro Tip: You can put your newsletter subscription on every blog posts for first time visitors.



Blogging is good for your SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your company website to be displayed on the search results in search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The advantage of being part of the first results page of any search engine is that you’ll get more new visitors and potential consumers. When you search for something on Google, the first thing you check out is the top result on the first page, and most of the time you will click on it and read the contents.


Blogging for business enables you to use keywords on your blog posts that you’re target audience will use to search for you. It is important to make your blog content optimized and engaging so that your new visitors will sign up on your newsletter, and become a returning visitor. Make your content rich and evergreen that it will make other bloggers mention you. Instant backlinks!

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Company blogs make your business trustworthy


There are plenty of phishing websites and scam companies out there in the World Wide Web, and gaining the trust of your visitors could be really hard. One of the things that people check to see if your business is legitimate is your blog page. Blog posts are written with a personal touch that displays more than your mission and vision, and about your company’s story.


For companies, some of your blog posts will cover your company achievements, working culture, closed deals, partnerships, etc. These posts are the things that your potential investors, consumers, or clients will read. Blogs can serve as reviews or testimonials about who you are and what it’s like to work with you. It will answer common questions that your visitors have in mind when they explore your website.


Building a community and improving customer relationships


The good thing about blogs is that it acts as a way for your consumers to reach out to you. Your blog page allows you to keep track of comments from your visitors other than your social media accounts. This will allow you to hear their thoughts and know their needs. In this way, you can easily cater to your consumer needs.


You can also create your own community based on your blog followers and subscribers. You can offer them special discounts and rewards that will improve your relationship with your consumers. It is a great way to reach them by creating a group on social media platforms and send your message to them directly other than the emails you send them.


A company blog page on your website helps you in different ways to keep your company in the long run. It is easier to communicate with your target audience and existing consumers that will help you improve your company. It’s hard to gain trust from people now a days due to several scam websites and companies. Having a blog that shows your integrity and answers questions from your existing consumers will help you gain new ones.