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Win Leads with Call-to-Action Phrases 2023

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Browsing on social media can be overwhelming from the perspective of audiences. With various posts they come across in their feed, the challenge is making them pause and read what we can offer. The goal is to boost engagement and convert prospective clients into buyers.

One of the buzzing strategies in Social Media Marketing is the utilization of Call-to-Action phrases. Commonly seen on the social media pages of different brands, CTAs are everywhere. 

What exactly are Call-to-Action phrases?

CTAs are text prompts, interactive buttons, or links that tell your audience what to do to connect with your brand, product, or services. Clicking on CTA buttons can increase post engagement through likes, comments, shares, subscriptions, or even website visits. 

Sale Day

Do the following statements seem familiar?

Swipe up!

Buy Now!


Download today!

These are common phrases or statements used as CTAs to achieve marketing goals. You can explore adding CTAs on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, etc.

Have no idea where to start? Here are some tips that might help you write engaging CTAs. 

Know what you want to get it.

Before anything else, ask yourself: what is my goal in establishing CTAs?

Determine what CTAs you should embed in your social media posts or websites. Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to build your followers or engagements for brand awareness? 

Knowing what you want to achieve will help you be more strategic in writing CTAs as these should align with your goals. 

CTAs for who?

Your target audience dictates the tone of your CTAs and content. You may check your social media analytics to determine the age bracket, gender, location, and more of your audience from previous posts.

Audience Analytics

Stick to your brand. 

CTAs can be fun. At the same time, there might be some instances where it can lead to inconsistency with the brand image. This can make or break the momentum of an increase in brand awareness and engagement. Strive for brand consistency. If your brand is formal, ensure that your CTAs’ tone is just as professional. 

Black branding

Be clear AND catchy!

CTAs should be engaging. Utilize action words such as comment, share, like, or subscribe. It can even prompt a sense of urgency. However, your CTAs should also be clear and direct since you only have a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention.

Location matters.

Aside from tailor-fitting your CTA to your audience, its caption placement matters. Where should you put your CTAs?

  • Start of the post
  • Middle of the post
  • Bottom of the post
  • In the bio (for Instagram)
  • Pinned comments (for emphasis)

I recommend putting CTAs at the end. It is the last thing viewers will read and possibly retain. That is if they reach the end. You can also start the caption with a CTA and treat it as your hook.

LIMITED EDITION. Get yours now!

Be creative and keep exploring.

Creative juices will be squeezed!

Since CTAs intend to keep your audience engaged and to take action, you need to find several ways to make them fun and effective for your brand.  Either experiment with a combination of old and new CTAs or have a completely new and unique strategy for them. The sky’s the limit!

Do not overdo it. 

With all the fun that CTAs offer to reach your brand goals, there is still a need to be cautious with the tone and frequency. It is crucial to keep this in mind to avoid having the impression that you are being pushy with what the brand has to offer. Your CTAs should appeal in a positively engaging manner that is effective and beneficial to the brand not to its downfall of it.

To wrap it up, CTAs can be fun and effective for your brand but at the same time, there is a need for brand consistency in its image and marketing goals. CTAs provide opportunities for growth for the brand and definitely, it should be utilized as this has been seen as an effective strategy to win leads for the biz and other digital endeavors as well.

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