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Whether you’re trying to up your game in the corporate world, or looking for reliable mentorship, we got your back! Each week, our business expert with years of marketing and IT experience will help you discover opportunities that you’ve never encountered before. The search ends here at HOLA.

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Lyn Ola Podcast - Is the Customer Always Right
8 min 40 sec

Keeping a business mandate that prioritizes consistent customer service increases customer loyalty. But to what extent must customers always be right?

Tags: #businessmanagement, #customerservice
Lyn Ola Podcast - The Quest for the work-life balance
10 min 20 sec

How many hours do you work in a day? Are you prone to burning out? Let’s set sail for the quest for a sustainable Work-Life Balance.

Tags: #businessmanagement
Lyn Ola Podcast - Work From Home - Yea or Nay?
11 min 36 sec

Even as we emerge back from this health crisis, is the Work From Home setup something we should continue?

Tags: #workplace
Lyn Ola Podcast - Climbing the corporate ladder to creating your own company
10 min 15 sec

Having a hard time advancing at work? What if you’re meant to create your own company? This is Lyn’s origin story as a managing director.

Tags: business
Lyn Ola Podcast - Laying down the groundwork
14 min 28 sec

This is our start. Our pilot episode is all about Project Management, where to start, and what to do moving forward.

Tags: #projectmanagement, business

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