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Tips to Properly Manage Work From Home

The world has been facing what is called “The New Normal”. It has required many individuals to quarantine and adjust to the new lifestyle. A majority of businesses have opted to transfer their working operations to ‘work from home’ setups. 



Changing work environments



Office work being ‘brought home’ has been difficult for many to separate. However, various companies are quickly adapting to these home-based setups for the need to operate even under unconventional conditions. 


Here are five management tips that are not only effective,  but can serve to be your guidelines to develop your own ‘work from home’ work mindset.



  • Dress for the part

Dressing appropriately even while at home can help you prepare mentally for the work and task you have to accomplish for the day. Though working at home might give you the freedom of working in your comfortable clothes, it might help to dress-up for the role to boost your productivity.


This can prevent you from dozing off while working throughout the day. Being conscious of what you wear while working at home during meetings or client calls shows respect for the work and professionalism.



  • Set your work environment

Setting up a work environment is crucial to getting you in the mood to get some things done. In the same way that you train your mind to act when you are properly dressed. You are also more likely to be more productive in your designated “office” space.


Try to clear your work station of any distractions. A cluttered work desk can prevent you from finishing your responsibilities. Invest in essentials such as a lamplight, a printer, and even your scanner. Having these can make working more efficient. You won’t have to travel to and from one place to get the tasks done. 



  • Watch and check yourself

The social isolation imposed by various countries is forcing people to stay at home more than they would want. Unfortunately, this has also become the boom of online streaming. Watching shows and movies has become a popular pastime for many in our generation, and this continues to be accurate and even more so during this pandemic. Binge culture has become one of the most prominent symbols of procrastination, and it affects everyone.


Procrastination is always looming behind every person who has trouble with time management. It can creep up behind you and unintentionally break your mood of workflow just in one episode. As with any addiction, it’s something that should be treated in increments. You’re still entitled to have your time off from work just to shut things off and relax, but remember to time yourself to when you have to get back to work.



  • Work under your own terms

The greatest enemy of flexi-time employees is the freedom to ‘handle’ their own time. Though this does open up a chance to work a few side hustles while employed, this also means that they need to discipline themselves with their own time. What’s important is that you find a schedule or routine that works for you without endangering your own growth as a person and your health. 


 Try different time and project management techniques that can help give you enough time to work on tasks without giving you a mental burnout.  The Pomodoro Technique is an excellent example of dividing time and rest to ample amounts to ensure that you won’t feel guilty about resting and too tired about working.


The truth of the matter is, there are many adjustments that have to be done until the world goes back to the way it was. Work setups will have to adjust, and that rings true for almost all industries that require personal interaction. The best we can do while working from home is setting up proper routines and schedules to stay productive and motivated in these times.