SEO Masterclass 2024 – Package 3 – AI Voice and the future of SEO (Day 3)


Embrace the future of SEO on April 20. Explore the influence of AI voice, optimize for voice search, master conversational SEO, and harness the potential of AI-driven content creation. Designed for professionals and marketers ready to adapt to the evolving SEO landscape.



Event Details:

      • Session Date: April 20
      • Session Duration: 3 hours
      • Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM PHT
      • Location: Virtual via Zoom
      • Language: English


      • Understand the influence of AI voice technology on SEO.
      • Learn to optimize content for voice search queries.
      • Master conversational SEO techniques.
      • Explore structured data and featured snippets.
      • Optimize online presence for local voice searches.


      • The Impact of AI Voice on SEO
      • Voice Search Optimization and Conversational SEO
      • Structured Data and Featured Snippets
      • Local Voice SEO
      • AI and Content Creation

Top Topics to be Discussed:

      • The role of AI voice assistants in search behavior.
      • Techniques for optimizing content for voice search.
      • Creating content that aligns with conversational search.
      • Utilizing structured data and featured snippets.
      • Optimizing for local voice searches.
      • Exploring AI-driven content creation tools.

Who Should Attend:

      • Professionals with basic SEO knowledge.
      • Business owners and marketers interested in the future of SEO.

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Project Management Certification in Prince2 | Certified Management Consultant

Lyn Ola is an IT and business professional with expertise in Strategy and Marketing. She is sought after for her expertise in Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Software Development projects.

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